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Argent LLP Announcement

Argent LLP Announcement
25 May 2012

One of the UK’s best known and most respected developers, Argent, has announced today, 25 May 2012, that it will be restructuring Argent Estates Ltd (the main operating company), and that its day to day implementation activities will be carried on by a new Limited Liability Partnership – Argent (Property Development) Services LLP (ASLLP).

The partners of ASLLP will be the six current executive directors of Argent Group PLC plus four further Argent Senior Project Directors. Argent’s chairman, Peter Hazell and the three other current non-executive directors of Argent Group PLC are to have similar roles in ASLLP.

Founded in 1981 by Michael and Peter Freeman, Argent floated on the Stock Exchange in 1994 and was then taken private in 1997 by BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) managed by Hermes Real Estate Investment Management Limited (Hermes).

Over the last 30 years the company has made its name primarily on big city centre regeneration projects such as Birmingham’s Brindleyplace, the Piccadilly area of Manchester, and more recently, London’s King’s Cross (see Notes to Editor 1). Since 1997 the great majority of Argent projects, including King’s Cross, have been carried out in a series of partnerships between Hermes clients, the Freeman brothers and the executive directors of

The move to an LLP for the day-to-day management of Argent’s projects is driven by three main reasons. First the restructuring very much reflects the ethos of the company, as David Partridge, former Joint CEO of Argent Group PLC and now the Managing Partner of ASLLP explains: “Argent’s reputation and track record has been built on working in partnership, whether with funders, landowners, local authorities, contractors or our advisers. We are known for establishing long standing relationships based on trust and a joint desire to create and then manage high quality places. We have operated our own business in the same way; and the move to a Limited Liability Partnership reinforces that ethos.”

Secondly, the company has grown significantly in recent years and the LLP structure allows for the next generation of Argent employees to take a stake in the business. Four senior staff now join six former Directors of Argent Group PLC as Partners. Roger Madelin, former joint CEO of Argent Group PLC who will be a partner in ASLLP, but is stepping aside from overall management, explains: “When I joined Argent in 1987, 25 years ago, we were a small team. Today we have a strong team of 75 people with skills as diverse as finance, place making and management, planning, retail and residential. We want to retain and incentivise those people, so this is the right move for Argent at the right time.
“I have decided to step back from the day to day management of the company and from being the “point man” for public affairs at King’s Cross. I intend to re-focus on delivering the initial phase of our place-making retail strategy and on working, with the expanding delivery team, on the £1 billion of construction planned for King’s Cross over the next few years. We will need to achieve a further “step change” in delivery, working with partners such as the Aga Khan Development Network.”

Thirdly, the creation of an LLP will also allow for a more flexible model for funding new development opportunities as Peter Hazell, Chairman of Argent Group PLC and the new ASLLP explains: “We will continue to work closely with Hermes, with whom we have had a long and successful relationship. This change does not affect the current funding structures for existing Argent-led developments, such as King’s Cross and One St Peter’s Square in Manchester.
“The move to an LLP creates the opportunity for us to introduce other potential investors and partners to development opportunities that our experienced team would like to take on. Despite the tough trading conditions in the UK currently, we believe this is an exciting time for an organisation with a reputation like Argent’s to look at new opportunities for large, well planned, mixed use developments. “Roger’s vision and enthusiasm over the last 15 years has led Argent to where we are today and I am delighted that he will continue to be involved in the business. I look forward to working with him and the other partners.”

Chris Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Hermes Real Estate Investment Management Limited, said: “Hermes supports the separation of the investment decision-making on allocation of capital to individual projects from the implementation of agreed projects via the new development services entity to be created by the restructuring. Moreover, we look forward to working closely with the Argent team and deploying Hermes’ fund management capabilities in both existing and future projects.”


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