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Leadership at Argent

Leadership at Argent
5 October 2018

David Partridge, the managing partner of Argent, announces today that he will be stepping back from the day-to-day running of the business in two years’ time, when the development of King’s Cross (which he and the Argent Partners have masterminded) reaches its final stages, at which point the new Argent Related projects will be in full swing and he will take up the role of Chairman of the Argent Related business.

Since the formation of the Argent LLP development business in 2012, David and the senior management team at Argent have grown the reputation and scale of the business through developing out King’s Cross and, as Argent Related, won significant new projects at Brent Cross South and Tottenham Hale.  Together, they have built the skillset and headcount of the now 160-strong team.

Of the Argent Partners, Robert Evans is leading King’s Cross, Andre Gibbs and Nick Searl are heading up Brent Cross South, Anna Strongman is Head of Assets, Will Colthorpe leads on New Projects and Mike Lightbound is Chief Financial Officer, and the group (alongside their leading US partner Related) are seeking a CEO to run the Argent Related business.

Argent Related’s ambition is to expand the business further, based on the legacy of exemplary city building demonstrated by Argent and Related, in order to create a global leader in real estate. It is looking for a CEO with skills to complement the existing team and with the experience of running a business of scale.

All existing and new stakeholders in Argent are pleased to see the positive evolution and growth of Argent Related and welcome the opportunity to expand the leadership team.

The intention is for the new CEO to take up his or her appointment next year (2019), with a view to taking over the running of all elements of the AR business in 2020.

Available for comment:

Jonathan Thompson (Chairman of Argent)

Ken Wong (COO and Director of International Development at Related)

Chris Taylor (CEO of Hermes Real Estate & Head of Private Markets) said: “We are delighted to support the proposed evolution of the Argent business.  At King’s Cross David Partridge and the exceptional team at Argent are delivering one of the world’s truly sustainable regeneration destinations. At Hermes we believe we have a fiduciary responsibility to our investors to not only deliver exceptional financial returns but ensure positive societal and environmental impacts – King’s Cross acts as the exemplar in every respect and we believe Argent has a wonderful platform for further growth to become the leader in sustainable development.”

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