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Social Value report launched at King’s Cross

Social Value report launched at King’s Cross
6 December 2017

Now that it is 10 years since construction work started at King’s Cross, we (The King’s Cross Partnership), wanted to evaluate the economic footprint of King’s Cross. What has the impact of the development been on the newly constructed estate, but also beyond the ‘red line’ of the development? What can be learnt from what has been achieved so far and what could we do better?

We commissioned Regeneris to help us understand the Social Value that had been created by the King’s Cross Development. Regeneris analysed a host of different datasets from the development, such as job creation, affordable housing provision and volunteering to evaluate what benefits the development has brought to individuals, the local area and the wider London and UK economy. The report explores:

  • The impact of the activities of the King’s Cross Partnership, Argent and our partners at King’s Cross
  • If the approach to development at King’s Cross is unique and if so, what value has this added
  • How Argent can measure and track economic and social impact at King’s Cross and future projects

Find out more in the complete King’s Cross Social Value report

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