People who make places for people

Argent has a reputation for delivering some of the best mixed-use developments in the UK. We are respected for our approach to business, which is always based on openness and integrity.

That reputation is down to our people.

We are proud and privileged to have such a committed, creative and talented team: people from different backgrounds and walks of life – with skills that range across architecture, engineering, finance, marketing, construction, planning and law.

We enjoy what we do and we are endlessly passionate about it.

Argent is over 144 strong, and growing. Each time you refresh this page, you’ll see more faces from the team.

The transformation at King's Cross has proved a regeneration masterclass.

David Spittles Evening Standard
Charles Vine</

Charles Vine

Tom Goodall</

Tom Goodall

Benoit Dufour</

Benoit Dufour

Hannah Grealish</

Hannah Grealish

Nikhil Sehmi</

Nikhil Sehmi

Mike Tawn</

Mike Tawn

Steven Kellett</

Steven Kellett

Katie Duffin</

Katie Duffin

Sandra France</

Sandra France

David Swainsbury</

David Swainsbury

Ausra Bruzite</

Ausra Bruzite

Will Colthorpe</

Will Colthorpe

Will joined Argent in 2006 and works on Argent’s mixed use schemes.  He also leads on commercial developments and leasing at King’s Cross where he is responsible for development totalling a gross value of £1.5bn. Will is also a specialist in refurbishment and re-use of historic buildings and structures.

At a corporate level, Will is involved in internal learning and development as well as strategic initiatives. He is also involved in new opportunities, commercial review, and structuring.

Will read Architecture at Sheffield University, and has a Masters in Planning and Development. Before joining Argent will worked in valuation, town planning and architecture.

He is chair of the British Property Federation’s Development Committee, sits on CoreNet’s UK Executive Board and is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Alex Woolmore</

Alex Woolmore

Alex is responsible for all things planning at Argent – from preparing submissions to advising project teams on planning requirements and liaising with local authorities.

Since joining Argent in 2008, she has successfully managed applications at King’s Cross for over 3.7 million sq ft of mixed-use floor space. She has also been heavily involved in the design of the new King’s Cross Academy Primary School and King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership’s bid to sponsor it.

Alex first came to Argent in 2001, as an intern while studying for her planning degree. From there, she pursued a career in law at Linklaters, where she qualified into the Planning and Environment team.

Caroline Rudge</

Caroline Rudge

Honey Nounou</

Honey Nounou

Jonathan Burton</

Jonathan Burton

Graham Fernandez</

Graham Fernandez

Zoe Kidd</

Zoe Kidd

Emily Boyd</

Emily Boyd

Peter Runacres</

Peter Runacres

Peter joined Argent in 2012. He is part of the commercial team and is managing delivery of Google’s UK headquarters at King’s Cross. Peter works closely with the Google project team on the design and delivery of this 1 million sq ft building.

Peter’s background is in Architecture. He has worked in the UK, Asia and the Middle East on projects ranging from the Al Bahr towers in Abu Dhabi to Holland Park School. He was also involved in the Egan initiative – Rethinking Construction – which looked to improve quality and efficiency in UK construction.

Ruth Wilson</

Ruth Wilson

Alex Hamilton</

Alex Hamilton

Helen Causer</

Helen Causer

Kevin Wood</

Kevin Wood

Robert Groves</

Robert Groves

Rob leads Argent’s Birmingham office and is heading up the Paradise Circus project in Birmingham, leading it through the planning, land acquisition, design, construction and the commercial negotiations. This 17 acre, 2 million sq ft mixed use redevelopment in the city centre is a key part of Birmingham’s ‘Big City Plan’. He was also involved in the Ffos-y-fran reclamation project in South Wales.

Rob comes from a background in Engineering. He came to Argent in 2008 from Peter Brett Associates, where he was a partner and led the infrastructure and project management team.

Cathy Ramsden</

Cathy Ramsden

Emma Bennett</

Emma Bennett

Rachele Caltagirone</

Rachele Caltagirone

Jessica Marsden-Smedley</

Jessica Marsden-Smedley

Bridget Evans</

Bridget Evans

Bridget works within our residential team and is currently focused on the c. 2,000 homes being developed at King’s Cross. Prior to this, she was part of the retail team where she led on setting the strategy, defining the offer and negotiating the first retail leases at King’s Cross.She was instrumental in bringing the first restaurants to the development – helping establish the area as a food and drink destination.

Bridget’s background is in Architecture. She ran her own practice for six years before coming to Argent in 2007. Prior to this, she worked in a number of London-based practices, including Roland Cowan Architects.

Finn Davies</

Finn Davies

Jhaklyne Hassan</

Jhaklyne Hassan

  • Charles Vine
  • Tom Goodall
  • Benoit Dufour
  • Hannah Grealish
  • Nikhil Sehmi
  • Mike Tawn
  • Steven Kellett
  • Katie Duffin
  • Sandra France
  • David Swainsbury
  • Ausra Bruzite
  • Will Colthorpe
  • Alex Woolmore
  • Caroline Rudge
  • Honey Nounou
  • Jonathan Burton
  • Graham Fernandez
  • Zoe Kidd
  • Emily Boyd
  • Peter Runacres
  • Ruth Wilson
  • Alex Hamilton
  • Helen Causer
  • Kevin Wood
  • Robert Groves
  • Cathy Ramsden
  • Emma Bennett
  • Rachele Caltagirone
  • Jessica Marsden-Smedley
  • Bridget Evans
  • Finn Davies
  • Jhaklyne Hassan