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Argent has a reputation for delivering some of the best mixed-use developments in the UK. We are respected for our approach to business, which is always based on openness and integrity.

That reputation is down to our people.

We are proud and privileged to have such a committed, creative and talented team: people from different backgrounds and walks of life – with skills that range across architecture, engineering, finance, marketing, construction, planning and law.

We enjoy what we do and we are endlessly passionate about it.

Argent is over 144 strong, and growing. Each time you refresh this page, you’ll see more faces from the team.

The transformation at King's Cross has proved a regeneration masterclass.

David Spittles Evening Standard
Charles Vine</

Charles Vine

Jessica Marsden-Smedley</

Jessica Marsden-Smedley

Kevin Whitehead</

Kevin Whitehead

Richard Meier</

Richard Meier

Since joining Argent in 2003, Richard has worked primarily on the King’s Cross redevelopment, where he is responsible for coordinating and delivering some £600 million of projects, including major residential, retail, public realm and infrastructure projects.

Notably, Richard oversaw the delivery of the new £155 million campus for Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London).

At a corporate level, he is responsible for development management, securing new opportunities and resourcing. He also leads several strategic initiatives, such as development of a new Residential Private Rental model and the roll-out of Building Information Modelling.

Richard read Engineering at Cambridge and has a Masters in Property Law and Valuation. He is chair of the ULI Residential Council, a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and sits on the King’s Cross Construction Board.

Caroline Rudge</

Caroline Rudge

Tom Goodall</

Tom Goodall

Natalie Harvey</

Natalie Harvey

Nick Foster</

Nick Foster

Kate Hogarth</

Kate Hogarth

Mike Lightbound</

Mike Lightbound

Mike joined Argent in 2007 and is a founding partner of the Argent (Property Development) Services LLP. As Finance Partner Mike overseas the financial aspects of Argent and its projects including cash flow, allocation of budgets across projects, reporting and the raising of third party funding. From 2007 to 2014 Mike was responsible for managing the overall business plan for the King’s Cross project.

Before joining Argent, Mike worked at Swiss Re where he was a member of the management team within the Global Operational Risk Group and, prior to this, he spent seven years at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the UK and the Caribbean.
He is a Chartered Accountant and has a degree in Structural Engineering.

Mike is a Governor at the King’s Cross Academy school, a new school built as part of the King’s Cross project.

Outside Argent, Mike enjoys a range of sports, including skiing, sailing and cycling.

Jhaklyne Hassan</

Jhaklyne Hassan

Pauline Reid</

Pauline Reid

Deborah Morralee</

Deborah Morralee

David Marriott</

David Marriott

Dave is one of our in-house lawyers. He is involved in most deals and legal agreements, including Piccadilly Place in Manchester, Google’s UK headquarters and the BNP Paribas building at King’s Cross.

Dave studied Law in York and at Oxford before qualifying into the real estate team at Hogan Lovells. He first came to Argent on secondment in 2007 and joined the team permanently in 2008.

Beverley Cunningham</

Beverley Cunningham

Sarah Brill</

Sarah Brill

Zoe Kidd</

Zoe Kidd

Cathy Ramsden</

Cathy Ramsden

Vicky Harvey</

Vicky Harvey

Frank Drew</

Frank Drew

Helena Johnson</

Helena Johnson

Ben Cooper</

Ben Cooper

Will Colthorpe</

Will Colthorpe

Will joined Argent in 2006 and works on Argent’s mixed use schemes.  He also leads on commercial developments and leasing at King’s Cross where he is responsible for development totalling a gross value of £1.5bn. Will is also a specialist in refurbishment and re-use of historic buildings and structures.

At a corporate level, Will is involved in internal learning and development as well as strategic initiatives. He is also involved in new opportunities, commercial review, and structuring.

Will read Architecture at Sheffield University, and has a Masters in Planning and Development. Before joining Argent will worked in valuation, town planning and architecture.

He is chair of the British Property Federation’s Development Committee, sits on CoreNet’s UK Executive Board and is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Harpreet Chahal</

Harpreet Chahal

Nathan Howard</

Nathan Howard

Helen Causer</

Helen Causer

Jake Whiterod</

Jake Whiterod

Caroline Cooper</

Caroline Cooper

Chris Schorah</

Chris Schorah

Steven Kellett</

Steven Kellett

David Partridge</

David Partridge

David joined Argent in 1990, he was appointed Joint Chief Executive in 2006 and Managing Partner of the new Argent LLP in 2012 and is Joint CEO of the new Argent Related Partnership. He has overall responsibility for all Argent business, including structuring and establishing financial and management programmes. He oversees the sourcing, master planning, building design, financing and legal aspects for all projects.

David is ex-President of the British Council for Offices and sits on the Policy Committee of the British Property Federation and on the Advisory Board for the UKTI’s Regeneration Investment Organisation (RIO). He was one of the founding members and now ex-Chairman of both the Piccadilly Partnership in Manchester and the King’s Cross and St Pancras Business Partnership Ltd and is ex-Chairman of CityCo in Manchester.

David read architecture at Cambridge and is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and has served on a number of RIBA practice committees.

In May 2015, David was awarded NW Insider Property Personality of the Year, and in April 2014, David jointly won the Property Week Personality of the Year Award with Roger Madelin.

Robert Evans</

Robert Evans

Robert joined Argent Group PLC in 2001 and became an Executive Director in 2004. In 2012 he became a founding Partner of the new LLP. Robert has overall responsibility for its residential projects and oversees communications and public affairs. He is one of the Partners charged with seeking out and securing new development opportunities.

Robert has led the planning work at King’s Cross since 2001 and sits on the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership Board. Robert has also been involved in Argent projects in Manchester and the Thames Valley.

Robert is a Member of the King’s Cross Academy Trust that sponsors the King’s Cross Academy school. He is also Chair of Governors. Robert is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Before joining Argent, Robert worked in planning and environmental consultancy and gained experience in a wide range of public and private sector development and infrastructure projects in the UK, Canada and Norway.

  • Charles Vine
  • Jessica Marsden-Smedley
  • Kevin Whitehead
  • Richard Meier
  • Caroline Rudge
  • Tom Goodall
  • Natalie Harvey
  • Nick Foster
  • Kate Hogarth
  • Mike Lightbound
  • Jhaklyne Hassan
  • Pauline Reid
  • Deborah Morralee
  • David Marriott
  • Beverley Cunningham
  • Sarah Brill
  • Zoe Kidd
  • Cathy Ramsden
  • Vicky Harvey
  • Frank Drew
  • Helena Johnson
  • Ben Cooper
  • Will Colthorpe
  • Harpreet Chahal
  • Nathan Howard
  • Helen Causer
  • Jake Whiterod
  • Caroline Cooper
  • Chris Schorah
  • Steven Kellett
  • David Partridge
  • Robert Evans