People who make places for people

Argent has a reputation for delivering some of the best mixed-use developments in the UK. We are respected for our approach to business, which is always based on openness and integrity.

That reputation is down to our people.

We are proud and privileged to have such a committed, creative and talented team: people from different backgrounds and walks of life – with skills that range across architecture, engineering, finance, marketing, construction, planning and law.

We enjoy what we do and we are endlessly passionate about it.

Argent is over 144 strong, and growing. Each time you refresh this page, you’ll see more faces from the team.

Their drive for quality means that we know the outcomes will be the best and the benefits long-lasting for local communities.

Ed Watson London Borough of Camden
Caroline Cooper</

Caroline Cooper

Nikhil Sehmi</

Nikhil Sehmi

Emma Bennett</

Emma Bennett

Kevin Wood</

Kevin Wood

Mike Tawn</

Mike Tawn

Mark Young</

Mark Young

Jay Rao</

Jay Rao

Anthony Peter</

Anthony Peter

Anthony is the Senior Projects Director for Public Realm and Infrastructure at Argent. Anthony and his team are delivering the remaining c.£70m of landscape, utilities and highways, required to support the King’s Cross estate. Anthony manages the King’s Cross Energy Supply Company (MKC) and is also involved in Argent’s wider London projects.

Prior to joining Argent, Anthony worked for 11 years within the infrastructure team at Arup , predominantly working on large-scale mixed use masterplans.


John McCormack</

John McCormack

Susan Peterson</

Susan Peterson

Benoit Dufour</

Benoit Dufour

Oliver Bennett</

Oliver Bennett

Samantha Williams</

Samantha Williams

Nick Porzig</

Nick Porzig

Greer Allison</

Greer Allison

Finn Davies</

Finn Davies

James Edgerley</

James Edgerley

Michelle Romion</

Michelle Romion

Nick Bailey</

Nick Bailey

Jason Amankwa</

Jason Amankwa

Isaac Anim</

Isaac Anim

Jhaklyne Hassan</

Jhaklyne Hassan

James Campbell</

James Campbell

Tom Goodall</

Tom Goodall

Kevin Whitehead</

Kevin Whitehead

Rime Tayachi</

Rime Tayachi

Vhari Pontin</

Vhari Pontin

Isabel Gutierrez</

Isabel Gutierrez

Maria Garrido</

Maria Garrido

Beverley Cunningham</

Beverley Cunningham

Cathy Ramsden</

Cathy Ramsden

Allan Horton</

Allan Horton

  • Caroline Cooper
  • Nikhil Sehmi
  • Emma Bennett
  • Kevin Wood
  • Mike Tawn
  • Mark Young
  • Jay Rao
  • Anthony Peter
  • John McCormack
  • Susan Peterson
  • Benoit Dufour
  • Oliver Bennett
  • Samantha Williams
  • Nick Porzig
  • Greer Allison
  • Finn Davies
  • James Edgerley
  • Michelle Romion
  • Nick Bailey
  • Jason Amankwa
  • Isaac Anim
  • Jhaklyne Hassan
  • James Campbell
  • Tom Goodall
  • Kevin Whitehead
  • Rime Tayachi
  • Vhari Pontin
  • Isabel Gutierrez
  • Maria Garrido
  • Beverley Cunningham
  • Cathy Ramsden
  • Allan Horton