People who make places for people

Argent has a reputation for delivering some of the best mixed-use developments in the UK. We are respected for our approach to business, which is always based on openness and integrity.

That reputation is down to our people.

We are proud and privileged to have such a committed, creative and talented team: people from different backgrounds and walks of life – with skills that range across architecture, engineering, finance, marketing, construction, planning and law.

We enjoy what we do and we are endlessly passionate about it.

Argent is over 144 strong, and growing. Each time you refresh this page, you’ll see more faces from the team.

The transformation at King's Cross has proved a regeneration masterclass.

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Kate Hogarth</

Kate Hogarth

Yvonne Andrews</

Yvonne Andrews

Greer Allison</

Greer Allison

Anila Fonseka</

Anila Fonseka

Laura Murray</

Laura Murray

Cathy Ramsden</

Cathy Ramsden

Zoe Kidd</

Zoe Kidd

James Campbell</

James Campbell

Charlotte Parks</

Charlotte Parks

Louise Hill</

Louise Hill

Emily Boyd</

Emily Boyd

Rosie Cade</

Rosie Cade

Ian Freshwater</

Ian Freshwater

André Gibbs</

André Gibbs

André joined Argent in 1998 and became a director in 2004. Over the years he has worked on Argent’s London projects, including two office developments in the City of London.

Since 2001, he has worked primarily on the King’s Cross redevelopment – in particular on land assembly, business planning, finance, infrastructure and environmental sustainability. He is responsible for integrating these aspects into the construction and delivery of the scheme.

Before joining Argent, André was a structural engineer at Arup, working on Hong Kong and Zurich airports and the Osaka Maritime Museum. He also worked in the Caribbean delivering a new port facility in Montserrat.

André is a director of Metropolitan King’s Cross Limited, the energy service company at King’s Cross. He is a member of the British Council for Offices and sits on the British Property Federation Construction Committee.

Claire Levitt</

Claire Levitt

Tracy Jelliss</

Tracy Jelliss

Mark Young</

Mark Young

Peter Freeman</

Peter Freeman

Peter Freeman, like his brother Michael, became a solicitor, having read History at Oxford University. They founded Argent together in 1981, nurturing the business and growing it into the widely respected and diverse company that it has become today.

Peter remains actively involved as a non-executive director and investor in various Argent entities and a director of King’s Cross. Peter is also a director and investor in Mayfields Market Towns Limited, which is promoting a new town in Sussex. Also within the property industry, Peter has been a non-executive director of Land Securities and MEPC; Chairman of the Investment Property Forum, and a member of the Bank of England Property Forum. Away from property, Peter is Chairman of Pay Wizard, a technology company.

Sharon Allen</

Sharon Allen

Isaac Anim</

Isaac Anim

Ricky Siegel</

Ricky Siegel

Natalie Mills</

Natalie Mills

David Marriott</

David Marriott

Dave is one of our in-house lawyers. He is involved in most deals and legal agreements, including Piccadilly Place in Manchester, Google’s UK headquarters and the BNP Paribas building at King’s Cross.

Dave studied Law in York and at Oxford before qualifying into the real estate team at Hogan Lovells. He first came to Argent on secondment in 2007 and joined the team permanently in 2008.

Sarah Williams</

Sarah Williams

Tim Hiskett</

Tim Hiskett

Natalie Harvey</

Natalie Harvey

Anna Strongman</

Anna Strongman

Anna leads the asset management team and drives the performance of the investment assets, estate management, property management, placemaking and regeneration initiatives at Argent’s King’s Cross development and is developing strategies for Argent’s new schemes. Anna also leads development of the Coal Drops Yard, a unique retail scheme at the heart of King’s Cross. She works closely with the marketing, public realm and retail leasing teams as well as the development team. She has an indepth knowledge of all asset classes, from development to management, and works at a strategic and operational level.

Before joining Argent eight years ago, Anna worked for the planning and development team at Arup leading a number of planning and regeneration projects for the public and private sector. Anna did a degree in economic history and has an MPhil in economic history and an MA in property valuation.

Anna believes passionately in creating successful places for all who live, work and visit them.

Luka Vukotic</

Luka Vukotic

Kevin Whitehead</

Kevin Whitehead

Susan Peterson</

Susan Peterson

Karen Sykes</

Karen Sykes

Symon Bacon</

Symon Bacon

  • Kate Hogarth
  • Yvonne Andrews
  • Greer Allison
  • Anila Fonseka
  • Laura Murray
  • Cathy Ramsden
  • Zoe Kidd
  • James Campbell
  • Charlotte Parks
  • Louise Hill
  • Emily Boyd
  • Rosie Cade
  • Ian Freshwater
  • André Gibbs
  • Claire Levitt
  • Tracy Jelliss
  • Mark Young
  • Peter Freeman
  • Sharon Allen
  • Isaac Anim
  • Ricky Siegel
  • Natalie Mills
  • David Marriott
  • Sarah Williams
  • Tim Hiskett
  • Natalie Harvey
  • Anna Strongman
  • Luka Vukotic
  • Kevin Whitehead
  • Susan Peterson
  • Karen Sykes
  • Symon Bacon