People who make places for people

Argent specialises in creating places that are enjoyable, vibrant and welcoming – where people want to live, to work and to be.

Places that have a human scale, that respect their history and context and connect well with their surroundings and the local community.
To us, this is the key to development.

The Granary Building is a stunning development that embraces the past while looking to the future. The transition from a depository of Victorian grain, to a university where the seeds of artistic ideas sprout, has been handled with great sensitivity and flair.

Boris Johnson Prime Minister
  • Central Saint Martins - Fashion Department, King's Cross
  • King’s Cross Academy, Camley Street Natural Park, King's Cross
  • Reception Class, King's Cross Academy
    Reception Class, King's Cross Academy
  • Waitrose Cookery School, King's Cross
    Waitrose Cookery School, King's Cross
  • Central Saint Martins BA fashion show, King's Cross

Places To Learn

Providing opportunities for education and learning is an important part of creating shared value.

We have developed, and are developing, learning facilities that span skills academies, primary and nursery schools, a public library, cultural centres and higher education facilities.

The multi award-winning campus for Central Saint Martins – part of the University of the Arts London – has established King’s Cross as the hub of the capital’s art education. The iconic Granary Building has been magnificently refurbished and extended by Stanton Williams Architects and the new complex is now home to 5,000 staff and students.

A stone’s throw away, the Global Generation’s Skip Garden is a community project that provides all kinds of opportunities for local young people. Through the medium of sustainability, young people are developing new skills and networks, learning about construction, and how to grow food as well as how to market and sell their produce.

  • Gasholders London, King's Cross © Billy Bolton
    Gasholders London, King's Cross © Billy Bolton
  • Fenman House, King's Cross
  • Saxon Court, King's Cross
    Saxon Court, King's Cross
  • The Hub, Five Piccadilly Place, Manchester
    The Hub, Five Piccadilly Place, Manchester
  • Gasholders apartments, King's Cross

Places to Live

The delivery of high-quality, intelligently designed, energy efficient homes – in places where people want to live and at a price they can afford – is one of the greatest challenges facing the UK development industry. We relish that challenge.

The homes we develop are thoughtfully planned and every detail is carefully considered. Inside, the emphasis is on intelligent space planning, high-quality materials and well-crafted finishes. And equal care and attention goes into the design of outside spaces, terraces and gardens.

Our portfolio of places to live covers a wide range of housing types and tenures – from stunning private apartments to a range of key worker and other affordable housing.

  • Canopy Market, West Handyside Canopy, King's Cross
  • Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross
    Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross
  • Parillian Restaurant, Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross
    Parillian Restaurant, Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross
  • Tom Dixon, The Coal Office, King's Cross

Places to Shop & Eat

Cultivating an original, interesting and varied mix of shops, restaurants and bars is a key element of placemaking.

The right restaurant and retail offer – when set within an attractive and inspiring public realm – can help turn a place into a destination and ensures that an area is buzzing and lively, throughout the day and into the evening.

This has certainly been the case at Brindleyplace, where the restaurants and shops are a big part of the draw and at King’s Cross, the retail clusters and exciting restaurant scene are already establishing the area as one of London’s most unique and popular destinations.

  • Coal Drops Yard opening day at King's Cross - 26th October 2018
    Coal Drops Yard opening day at King's Cross
  • Summer Love, Everyman screen on the canal at King's Cross
    Summer Love, Everyman screen on the Regents Canal, King's Cross
  • Central Square, Brindleyplace, Birmingham
  • Cubitt Sessions, Lewis Cubitt Square, King's Cross
    Cubitt Sessions, Lewis King's Cross, Anthony Whitworth Jones presents: She'Koyokh
  • Gasholder Park, King's Cross
    Gasholder Park, King's Cross
  • One Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester
    One Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

Places to Visit

An attractive and lively public realm plays a central role in transforming a space into a place. A rich programme of events, activities and public art, together with an interesting mix of attractions, restaurants and shops, can transform that place into a destination in its own right.

The high quality public spaces at Brindleyplace, together with a carefully curated mix of restaurants, shops and attractions, helped transform the area into one of Birmingham’s most popular visitor destinations.

The same is now happening at King’s Cross, where the new public spaces, an emerging restaurant scene and exciting events and public art are helping to establish the area as one of London’s most popular new destinations.

  • Havas, HKX building, Three Pancras Square, King's Cross
  • The Hive, Stephenson Square, Manchester
  • Universal Music HQ, Four Pancras Square, King's Cross
  • Paradise, Birmingham
  • Google HQ, Six Pancras Square, King's Cross

Places To Work

We constantly strive to create great places to work and lead the debate on workplace design. We have created some of the most successful commercial quarters and business districts in the UK’s largest cities.

At King’s Cross, our headquarters building for the London Borough of Camden has achieved a BREEAM rating of “Outstanding” – the highest ever score for a city-centre building of this type. Our own headquarters at Stable Street in King’s Cross has also been awarded that rating, the first time that it has ever been achieved by a “fit-out”.

Likewise the new headquarters building for Google UK is pushing the boundaries of innovative, sustainable workplace design.

Inspiring surroundings, good access, the right amenities and a lively retail scene all contribute to the experience. And we place just as much care and attention on these elements as we do on the buildings themselves.